zach whalen

Associate Professor of New Media at the University of Mary Washington

Blog Posts

On the Poetics of "Haiku by a Robot"

27th Jan, 2015
Some thoughts on a poem by Nathan, age 9, published in Highlights and enjoyed by hundreds on Twitter.

Visual Text Analysis with ImageMagick

14th Nov, 2014
Using ImageMagick to create montages to support the analysis of visual texts.

Power Dive into the Danger Zone

22nd Sep, 2014
Paramount Pictures shut down a Twitter account that was posting Top Gun frame by frame, so I made a Twitter doing the same thing with a movie in the public domain. It's not quite Top Gun, but it's as close as overly-zealous copyright paranoia will allow.

Re: Re-networking House of Leaves, and Finding an Audience

17th Mar, 2014
Part of a collaborative teaching experience on the novel, House of Leaves, the website curates and collates page-specific user-generated content.

Lexia to Perplexia (2000 - 2013)

20th Jan, 2014
The text of a presentation I delivered at the 2014 Modern Language Association Convention, discussing the life, death, and afterlife of Talan Memmott's "Lexia to Perplexia."

Using Google Spreadsheets for a generated text Twitter bot

10th Nov, 2013
I have been interested in Twitter bots for some time now. I wanted other people interested in bots to have an easy way to get started, so I made one with Google Spreadsheets.